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Great food and Nebraska brew.

Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill offers creative, from-scratch food with a contemporary flair. For over 30 years, we’ve been serving up premium ingredients, homemade ales and a seriously unique teamwork approach to service.

Comfort food that’s just plain good.

A celebration of wood-fired cooking.

With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly faces and great food, FireWorks brings the memorable experiences into dining out. Enjoy mouthwatering cuisine, from-scratch recipes, and handcrafted ales you will be sure to love.

Celebrate flavor—celebrate life!

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Without fear or favor, since 1990.

The ancients believed paradise existed at the highest point in the universe within a fiery sphere they called “The Empyrean.” Inspired by this sentiment, we set out to infuse every batch of our handcrafted ales with our own unique notion of paradise—take a journey with us, one sip at a time.

Pursue the Brew®.

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Protecting your vulnerable data from security threats.


We are an American-owned manufacturing company in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a global customer base and  impact on data security. We design, manufacture sell, and support degaussing and destruction equipment.

Digital data destruction is our mission,

people are our passion. 

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We are a hydroponic farm that grows fresh, safely grown produce locally. Lettuce, herbs, and other vegetables are grown vertically in a controlled environment that uses less water and less nutrient runoff. The result is fresh, longer-lasting and better tasting produce.

Local food, global purpose.

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