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About Us

We have five founding core values, and they're a huge reason we are where we are today. They guide every major business decision we make and shape our company culture. These values reflect our devotion to our people and our commitment to always put the customer first.


Read on to see the strides we're making for our planet

and our employees' health.

company core values



 Exceptional experience through relationships, education and superior customer service.


Winning through quality, innovation, honesty and teamwork.



Together, making a difference in the lives of our employees and community.



Take pride in yourself; take pride in the process.





We believe every business has a crucial role to play in environmental sustainability. That's why we formed our company business models around the environment.

We use an energy management system to increase efficiency by optimizing heating, cooling and lighting. This allows us to create and maintain comfortable environments for our guests and save energy, furthering our pursuit of net zero.


At the top of our list, we're harnessing the power of Avert Vertical Cultivations to be carbon-neutral. We're also harnessing the power of 940 solar panels to supply our energy. We even designed our restaurant buildings with geothermal heating and cooling to help reduce energy consumption. 


Whether it's a big initiative like installing a 5,400 square foot rain garden, or a small detail like providing biodegradable straws, we know every effort counts.



Telesis takes wellness seriously. The Telesis wellness plan promotes healthy living through initiatives that provide awareness, education and motivation. The plan strives to continually improve our employee’s health, happiness, prosperity and longevity. Here are just some of the things we offer:

  • An office workout room

  • Free health coaching

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Competitive PTO and Life-Defining Event policies

  • Reduced insurance premiums

  • A $300/yr benefit to spend on anything fitness-related

  • Group exercise opportunities

  • Health screenings

  • Topical monthly challenges with incentives

  • Healthy snacks in the breakrooms

  • Monthly in-person seminars with panel speakers to learn about wellness topics

  • And more!

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